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Chris came of age in Sudbury, a small city located in Northern Ontario. In his second year of high school he found a safe space in Mary Green’s art room. It was in this space that he found the confidence and the support to explore the issues he was grappling with. After studying sculpture/installation at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) he moved west to Calgary and began working in a corporate setting. A decade on he and his husband grew their family by one through surrogacy and Chris made the decision to leave his job and return to creative pursuits to better balance work and family.


The concept for invisible started off as a joke of doing an invisible art show with a friend over lunch. Chris dove in later to explore the possibilities, reflecting on times in his life when he felt invisible and other times when he wished he were invisible. In rediscovering these times he spent hours studying old sketch books, journals, writings and notes passed between friends. In this review it became very clear that at this time in his life the words that were going down on paper were dramatically more poignant than the imagery that accompanied them. 


After uncovering the set of slides that accompanied him to the portfolio review for admission to OCAD he was reminded of works he had done that were included in the Art Gallery of Sudbury’s spring 2000 student exhibition. Not one to be receiving accolades through sport, this experience was monumental in his evolution. Reflecting on the motivation that this experience gave him, he began to focus on ways that he could help others achieve this same sense of accomplishment.

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